Product Landing Pages

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Use these to describe the benefits of your product, show off your killer photos or videos, and convert sales with well-placed CTAs.

1. Offer Benefits, not Features

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when writing up the sales points of your business or products. People get sold on how a product or business can solve their problems. They don’t get sold on your self-centric product features.webtrends lp th

Let’s face it, promoting the benefits is harder than promoting the features of your product. Selling benefits means you have to identify the problems of your target audience. Then, you have to come up with how your product or service solves those problems. You have to leave the safety of jargon and technical details and venture into the real world – if you want to get the profits.

2. Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews

To most visitors to your landing page you’re not exactly a trustworthy source. They recognize you’re the slightest bit biased when it comes to this particular subject (your own product).

So don’t sell your own product, have someone else do it for you.

Needless to say, reviews have never been more important, nor have customer testimonials. Yes, visitors to your landing pages know that these testimonials come through your business, but it doesn’t matter. Not only do customer testimonials function to make your audience trust your business, it gives them the assurance that someone has engaged with you before – so they’re safe to do so.

3. Make it Beautiful

Put time and effort into framing your product in the best possible light. A/B test a model with your product. A/B test the gender of your model. A/B test the colors behind your model. A/B test no model but a beautiful abstract collage that resembles a Kandinsky piece. – just make it pretty.

4. Sell the Deal, not the Product

The right offer is sellable simply as an offer – the product itself is actually secondary to the deal.

The best strategy for using offers is to target well with a Facebook Ad. This way, the traffic you’re generating to your landing page is already half-nurtured, whether because of their interests, job title, relationship status, etc. A half-nurtured lead will be better informed of how good a deal they’re getting, making conversion more likely.

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