The Meme-as-poetry

moon palace

Me: write 5 haiku poems in style of Basho

In the silent night,
The moon shines bright and clear,
Crickets sing a song.

Summer rain falls down,
Washing the dirt from the road,
A fresh start is born.

Cherry blossoms bloom,
Their petals fall like snowflakes,
Spring has come again.

Mountain river flows,
Taking the rocks with its might,
Eternity shines.

An old pond echoes,
With the sound of a frog’s leap,
The water ripples.

Me: Write 5 haiku poems in style of Ernest Hemingway

Autumn leaves fall slow
Whiskey glass in hand, I drink
Memories flow forth

Sun sets in Havana
Rum, cigars and good friends stay
Joy never fades away

In the still of night
Guns, bulls and books keep me calm
Peace reigns in my soul

Life’s a simple game
Fishing, hunting and writing
My only true love

Time flies in Key West
Tales of Hemingway live on
Legacy endures.

Me: Write 5 haiku poems in style of Paul Auster New York Trilogy

City lights flicker,
Lost in a labyrinth of streets,
A search for identity.

Echoes of past lives,
Memories trapped in concrete,
New York’s heartbeat endures.

Rain on the rooftop,
A lullaby of the city,
Peace amidst the chaos.

In the still of night,
A city that never sleeps,
Dreams are born and die.

The pages turn fast,
Stories woven in the city,
Truths are revealed slow.

Me: Write 5 haiku poems in style of Bob Dylan

Winter rain soaks through,
My heart heavy with sorrow,
Hope drowned in the night.

Endless roads ahead,
No solace in this journey,
Darkness consumes me.

Lonely winds blow,
Whispers of lost memories,
Pain echoes within.

Dark clouds gather fast,
The storm of life rages on,
My soul in turmoil.

Empty sky above,
No stars to guide me through life,
Despair consumes me.

The five Zen haiku poems written in the style of Bob Dylan have a negative mood that reflects a sense of sadness and despair. Each poem depicts a journey of self-discovery and loss, exploring themes of loneliness, sorrow, and heartache. The imagery used in each poem is evocative, painting pictures of rain-soaked nights, endless roads, dark clouds, and empty skies, reflecting the author’s feelings of isolation and hopelessness. The poems evoke a sense of loss and melancholy, capturing the essence of Bob Dylan’s negative mood and exploring the depths of the human experience.