Interior Design, Floor Plans, and 3D Home Design Objective:


This plan will cover essential concepts and practical skills related to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Lesson Plan: Interior Design, Floor Plans, and 3D Home Design


To introduce students to the fundamentals of interior design, floor planning, and 3D modeling for home spaces.

Duration: 10 hours (divided into multiple sessions)

Session 1: Introduction to Interior Design (1 hour)

  1. What Is Interior Design?
    • Definition and scope.
    • Importance of interior design in creating harmonious living spaces.
  2. Elements of Design:
    • Color theory.
    • Texture, pattern, and balance.
    • Furniture and accessories.
  3. Space Planning Basics:
    • Understanding room layouts.
    • Traffic flow and functional zones.

Session 2: Floor Plans and Scale Drawings (2 hours)

  1. Floor Plan Basics:
    • Components of a floor plan (walls, doors, windows).
    • Scale and measurements.
  2. Creating a Simple Floor Plan:
    • Drawing a floor plan to scale.
    • Including rooms, furniture, and fixtures.
  3. Using Online Tools:
    • Introducing free floor plan design software (e.g., Planner 5D).
    • Hands-on practice with basic floor plan creation.

Session 3: Kitchen Layouts (2 hours)

  1. Understanding Kitchen Functionality:
    • Work triangle concept.
    • Ergonomics in kitchen design.
  2. Types of Kitchen Layouts:
    • Galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, island, and peninsula.
    • Pros and cons of each layout.
  3. Designing a Kitchen Layout:
    • Sketching kitchen floor plans.
    • Considering storage, appliances, and workflow.

Session 4: Introduction to 3D Home Design (2 hours)

  1. Why 3D Modeling?
    • Benefits of visualizing designs in 3D.
    • Realistic representation of spaces.
  2. Exploring Free 3D Design Software:
    • Planner 5D (for beginners).
    • SketchUp (for more advanced users).
  3. Creating a 3D Model:
    • Importing floor plans.
    • Adding furniture, textures, and lighting.

Session 5: Practical Application and Project (3 hours)

  1. Hands-On Practice:
    • Students work on their own floor plans and kitchen layouts using software.
    • Experiment with different design elements.
  2. Group Project: Design Your Dream Home:
    • Collaborate on a 3D home design project.
    • Presentations and critiques.

Homework and Practice:

  • Students continue working on their 3D home design projects.
  • Explore additional free kitchen design software options (e.g., Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner).