This online UX-Detective Language training for Chinese, Germans and Danes allows you to:

* Communicate in English using only 888 key expresions, words and phrases.

* Focus on Conversational ux-skills – designed to fit into your work or study schedule

* A convenient way to learn basic UX-Detective English

It is more fun to talk with someone

who doesn’t use long, difficult words

but rather short, easy words and

expressions like

“What about lunch uh!”

Check this Sound Chart out…

The most used letter in written English is the letter “e”. In spoken English the sound heard most often is “uh” or the muted vowel. One simple example is the “above”, which is spoken as “uh buv”. In addition to the muted vower, notice that the “e” at the end of “above” is silent and unpronounced. That happens quite often in spoken English, but the letter “e” continues to be required in correctly written English.

Here is a table of more examples in which the muted vowel is depicted in bold font. Notice that we have put a space to show the syllables in the word: a in a bove, pill ar e in tak en, un der i in pen cil, fu tile o in lem on, fav or u in cir cus, mea sure Y in zeph y.

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