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Who is memetic engineering

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    According to the above theory, typical memetic engineers include scientists, engineers, industrial designers, ad-men, artists, publicists, political activists, and religious missionaries.

    Memetic engineering is a term developed by Leveious Rolando, John Sokol, and Gibron Burchett based on Richard Dawkins’ theory of memes.

    The process of developing memes, through meme-splicing and memetic synthesis, with the intent of altering the behavior of others in society or humanity.
    The process of creating and developing theories or ideologies based on an analytical study of societies, cultures, their ways of thinking and the evolution of their minds.
    The process of modifying human beliefs, thought patterns, etc.

    In contrast, gutation is a term developed by Erik Buitenhuis and is:

    The process of altering the behaviour of oneself, with the intent of developing new memes

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